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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My very own beer, even if I can't drink it!

It is with immense joy that I announce that I am expecting my first baby, due on the 8th September 2012. We and the hubby really happy and thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations we have already received.

But what happens to a real ale girl if she can’t drink, I hear you cry? Well, she drinks a lot of tomato juice and goes to bed early, in reality.

However, it isn’t all slippers and soft drinks- I am determined to keep in the beer world loop an actually, there is a lot of beer fun to be had without actually drinking it.

Brewing it, for a start. I wrote a month or so ago about my trip with Jane Peyton and Marverine Cole to Brewster’s brewing co. in Grantham Lincolnshire, to spend the day brewing. Three weeks ago, at Tap East, we and a lot of beer loving friends (and some other who just came to be supportive!) cracked open two casks of that very beer, Chocolate Cyn, a chocolate an cinnamon porter style beer which went down a storm. I allowed myself a half, which my pregnant body found difficult to actually drink, and so despite they absolute deliciousness of the beer, that half lasted me all night. It’s going to save me a lot of money, this pregnancy lark.

Since the fun and success of the launch party, the beer has been available in The Rake and three Fuller’s pubs: The Mad Bishop & Bear, Paddington Station; The Victoria, Bayswater and The Artillery Arms near the Barbican. I’m currently awaiting for a delivery from Brewster’s of a couple of cases of bottles (so that I can drink more than a few sips once the baby is born!) while a shipment of quite a few bottles is winging its way to Fuller’s brewery shop in Chiswick.

Once again, I’d like to say thanks to Brewster’s for letting us loose on the brewery, to Tap East and the lovely Glyn for hosting the launch, to Fuller’s for supporting and selling the beer since, and of course, to my beer brewing buddies, Sara, Jane and Marverine. When are we doing it again? (If it after September, we’ll have a mini person for extra company!)

Oh, and thank you to Susanna Forbes and the Cocktail Scholars chaps for the lovely photos.


  1. Congratulations, and dont worry any monies saved by not buying beer will soon disappear on kiddies stuff!

  2. Another interesting post And congratulations on your recent good news.I have commenced a beer blog recently,hope you can give me an opinionof the site(bit of a novice)and hopefully a follow.

  3. My wife developed a taste for Tennant's Sweetheart Stout when pregnant with our daughter-on recommendation from the midwife! How times have changed...

  4. There's no medical evidence that total abstention is necessary in pregnancy:

    Take it easy, of course, but don't give in to the antis.

  5. No indeed, give up gin by all means, but not beer!

  6. I think it is amazing that you will still continue. A bit random- I was looking at the new Brown Ale campaign and wondered what you thought about it. I find it hard not to laugh when I watch it though...

  7. How are you now? Are you alright?
    I am in the middle of restructuring my British Real Ale directory and will definitely add your Chocolate Cyn ASAP.