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Friday 9 October 2009

Entering the wilderness

I never thought I'd see the day. Me, not drinking.

Thanks to an 'infected rupture' (you don't need the details) I am on a veritable cocktail of 3 types of antibiotics and mega strong painkillers. And 2 weeks of no alchohol (and indeed no dancing). I feel a little bit lost, to be honest. No alcohol means no Real Ale.

So some plans have needed changing.
I could'nt do the midweek Wetherspoons meet up, so instead of an  (almost certain) pint of Weltons, I was in, drinking costcutter Cherryade (thank you D) and Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea (thank you bro). Both very nice, but would have preferred to be washing down the foul sulphur tasting pills with Bartram's Cherry Stout and Beartown's Ginger Bear.
On a quite slow and painful trip to Sainsburys for supplies, I found myself perusing the squash and cordial aisle, and went for an apple and mango high juice, in the hope it may have some similarity to real cider. It does'nt.
However, as disturbing as all this is, by far the biggest problem this rampant rupture has caused surrounds the quaint yet delightful Wallington Beer Festival. Due to be going tonight with a cool crew of beer drinking youths, and volunteering behind the bar tomorrow, I had to be very strong and realistic to admit that neither of these were gonna happen. Sorry Wallington- I'll do a double slot next year. And a little note of thanks to all those lovey folks whose plans are also having to change to accomodate me- I'm baking apple cake this afternoon and you are all welcome to some! x


  1. You poor sausage. The apple tart was spectacular. Lucky that the boys managed to find some cracking beer, Kwak followed by a Hambleton's Taylors Tipple and a Woild Moild was just the treat. And supplemented with a cheese board Jean-Michel Roux Junior would be proud of. Sorry you are ill darling, but lovely cakes and nights in with friends.

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