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Tuesday 29 September 2009

I'm here! Finally!

Well here it is. The muched hyped and deliberated blog. Am so excited that I don't really know where to start. Currently drinking a nice Shropshire Lass... ooo-er.

Its amazing how the 'quiet' weekends often end up having the most ale action. Friday night was a lively night out on Lordship Lane with the work massive, and I managed to squeeze in a dull pint of London Pride in the EDT and an even duller pint of Ruddles County in the Bishop. But I can't complain really, at least its on, at least they serve a full pint (which took quick effect after the mega week we'd just had). Tip though, don't top up real ale with JaigerBombs and Black Sambuca. NOT pretty.

Saturday took us for a lovely cousin trip to Masons where they serve the gorgeous Belgian Kwak in the proper wooden holders- and the waitress couldnt quite understand my excitement. I am used to the weird looks. And on to the Ladywell tavern, serving something by Otter, in a very attractive branded glass. I wonder where it ended up... ;-)

On Sunday, after baby visiting in West Wickham, we ended up on a spontaneous crawl around the area- and ended up walking (several) miles from West Wickham, via The Crown beer garden (a pleasant half of Thwaites Wainwright) to the Cricketers on Shirley Road. I had read and heard so much about this place that I was thoroughly let down when only 2 of the 6 pumps were on. A pint of the magnificent Dark Star's Hophead down, and we made the decision to abandon ship for the certain joy that would await in the relatively nearby Claret Freehouse in Addiscombe. It didnt disappoint, and the middle aged man who tried to warn me against the Palmers 200 in case it was too strong for a 'young lady' (its 5%) just added to the quaintness.

Right, have let the Shropshire Lass get warm whilst writing. That certainly won't do.


  1. Mmm Shropshire Lass, thank you Sainsbury's for a cracking beer festival.

  2. Ladywell Tavern also had Skinners Cornish Knocker on and some Harvey's offering on Sat, well them, keep up the ale action! Great blog, look forward to the next installment. Shame about the Cricketers.

  3. Hey Lass,
    We joined CAMRA this summer, and think we could be the founding members of the Egypt-branch...only two brands of beer here, no ales, and they both taste as bad as eachother!
    Have you tried the Old Ale Emporium on Green Lanes, Harringay? Same old dodgy clientel, but good ales on tap.

  4. Hi Alice!
    Thanks for finding me so soon. Didn't the Ancient Egyptians invent beer in the first place? Keep up the good CAMRA work Egypt style! Do you receive all the mailouts there?
    Thanks for the Harringay bar recommendation, I don't know it but will certainly check it out!

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