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Sunday 14 March 2010

(2nd) Prize winning beer writer, anyone...?

After an ale free night on Tuesday at the Brockley Jack, I was up for the South East London CAMRA branch crawl in Sydenham. The chat was good, the ale disappointing; we got a Young's Bitter in The Bricklayers, a dodgy Tribute in The Windmill and left The Woodman out entirley due to no real ale- how did that place end up on the itinerary? Lucky we started the night off in the Capital with B & T's sublime SOD- how can something with that name taste so good?
Having not be to the Brockley Jack for ages, we were back again on Thursday, this time en route to Justin Lee Collins at the Rivoli Ballroom. I still had no ale, though- I just can't bring myself to pay for a Greene King beer.
No matter, however, for Friday night was London Drinker night. Swinging my way into the weekend with the news of my second place in Pete Brown/ The Publican's new beer writer competition (check out for the details) I was up for some classic beer fest fun. I got it, in the form of chats with lovely CAMRA friends, reunions with pals we had not seen for ages, Tombola fun, and of course some yummy ol' beers. But the organising dudes still need to learn to get more dark ones on; they all disappear so quickly! I even managed to kit Lorraine out in a pair of the highly desirable and hard to come by CAMRA earrings- all cool real ale girls should own a pair.


  1. Congrats on your second place - it's nice to hear of another beer-loving chick writing about their passion.

  2. Congratulations on getting second place!

    I know what you mean about dogdy Tribute, there's a pub in Manchester that I've had very mixed pints from, but I had a bottle last weekend that was amazing!

    Going to have to get another bottle to see if it's the same! :)