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Monday 2 August 2010

Girls: Chocolate Stout v Banana Bread beer?

This wedding lark don't half get in the way of blogging, you know. Its hard to frivolously blog my thoughts away while the fiance sits in a pool of table settings and italic pens. However, have no fear; the next edition will be entitled How To Real Aleify Your Wedding. I can't reveal too many deatils yet as one or two lucky followers also happen to be guests at said wedding on Saturday. So you can hear about it all post honeymoon.
All this place card writing and favour wrapping however, have given us the perfect opportunities to sup our way through a Welsh Ale Selection box, bought for me as a leaving gift from work by an immensly insightful, beer appreciating colleague, who shall be named as The Belgian Beer Girl. Monty's Midnight has been the stand out so far, but we've got some way to go before there is only polystyrene left in the box.
Its been a fortnight of big events and acievements; starting a new job, winning the newly opened Grape and Grain quiz without brilliant brother and fabulous Father in Law to be planning this phenonomenal wedding, surviving (just) my amazing hen do (lots of vodka, champagne,and cocktails, with a bit of ale thrown in at the end), However, my biggest achievements in the last two weeks have been my Real Ale Girl Evangelism. Last week, on my hen do, Wine Girl (bridesmaid and cousin) drank a whole bottle of ale, to herself! Once she a had a sip of Wells and Youngs' Banana Bread beer, I didn't get a look in and was stuck with Skinner's Cornish Knocker. I also introduced at least one other wine drinking buddy the delights of ale (again with a Youngs'- have they found the secret to beer for women?) at our work party last week. Do all women love chocolate? I don't know, but Young's Chocolate Stout sure is a great way to lure female drinkers. Just be aware of the rather erotic sounding groans they may emit whilst discovering the joy.  I will leave you with that thought.


  1. The Grape and Grain must be one of South London's best venues for real ale and other good beer, great news it has reopened.