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Saturday, 21 May 2011

So far at the Beer Blogger's Conference...

Just over half way through The European Beer Blogger's Conference in London 

What I've learnt so far:
  • Happy bloggers are better than moany bloggers.
  • Red Shield goes well with salmon and parnsip.
  • I'd like to go to a Brewdog bar and sit next to old couples who've been shopping.
  • I quite like the flavour of diacetyl.
  • Sharps brewery are up to some very exciting, little known, cool stuff.
  • Rhubarb and custard sweets are tasty with a hangover.
  • Pilsner Urquell's new advert is beautiful and is guarnteed to make anyone want to visit Pilsen.
  • I could be more open- minded "Beer isn't bad just because you don't like it" said Kristy (Molson Coors)
  • Beer folks should remember it is fun 'Its not the Middle East issue' said Darren from Beer Sweden.

More later. This is fast paced!