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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Here come the (beer-drinking) girls

Every now and then I have a moment when I realise that being a beer drinking girl isn’t that weird anymore, and yesterday, on a normal Friday night out, I had several.

We went to some friends’ birthday party in Katzenjammers, a Bavarian Bier Keller style bar near London Bridge. An Oompah band play disco and pop tunes (a genius combo- I wonder how many people here have ever danced to a French Horn on a night out before) and everybody drinks beer. The novelty of steins in London means even those who say they don’t like beer drink it anyway, including the girls. Those people drinking wine or spirits stuck out like Jedward at Glyndebourne. After the Paulaner Dunkl, which wasn’t very dunkl but still very lecker nonetheless, I ordered a bottle of the 8.2% Schneider Aventinus which the barmaid assured us was the darkest beer available. It got a rapturous reception from a friend who was bored of Paulaner Hell lager after necking more beer than she had drunk all year. Yet more evidence for my mounting campaign on the success of getting girls into beer through dark, malty, roasted flavours rather than pale, hoppy ones. This was the perfect dark what beer, tasting just like barbequed bananas.

It continued on the way home. We walked past the All Bar One which lurks in the shadows of the ever growing shard, and there was a girl outside drinking London Pride from the bottle with a bloke who had a glass of rose. I love stereotype reversal!

On the train, some girls were continuing their evening with Marks and Spencer’s Cherry Wheat Beer. Which is housed in their station Simply Food next to the single serving bottles of wine and cans of Gin and Tonic.

Its all happening, lasses are exploring a wider range of beer styles and I am very excitexd to feel not quite so weird anymore.


  1. Excellent post, and I completely agree! However, living in Belgium I'm still battling the stereotype that girls do not drink beer. Whenever I go to a cafe that I've never been to before and ask for a recommendation, I'm always told that 'the kriek is a very nice beer.' Ech. So when I ask for a more substantial beer, they usually just rationalize away the 'oddity' sitting before them as being American. haha. Sometimes, it's just so much fun to confound old Belgian waiters!

  2. Steer clear of the Aventinus Eisbock. I had a night on that and woke up next to a lady called Helga and had to run through Schwabing half naked to escape.

  3. Stright onto the Aventinus! You weren't hanging about! :P


  4. What will get more women drinking beer is: more women drinking beer. In Germany it's nothing unusual to see a group of women in a restaurant each with a half litre of beer. It's normal. A critical mass of women drinking beer will normalise it, make it an acceptable choice of beverage for other women, something people feel they can choose without being made fun of.

    Most of us will drink what our mates drink. It's sad that we are so susceptible to peer pressure, but that's the way it is. Men are no different. There are plenty of blokes who don't like beer that much but drink it to fit in.