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Sunday 25 October 2009

I'm back!

Woohoo! Am back on the ale, and what a way to start- pub festivals at the legendary Wenlock and the delightful Hoopers.
We made our way over to Old Street for the '7th CAMRA and Wenlock Arms Beer Festival' and setted upstairs in the strangest of rooms with their Scottish Beer Selection with a collection of folks I recognised from other fests, and the man who ate a whole cheese on the Meantime Brewery Tour a couple of years ago. Its weird how I remember these people. We enjoyed the most bargainous jumbo sausage in a roll (beautiful and only £2) which went perfectly with Broughton's Exciseman's 80 which I first had in Glasgow in 2007.  Five comments from strangers about my (admittedly stunning) Dark Star T-shirt later, we headed downstairs to the usual pub area and spotted the lovely lads from WOOFTA. I now know this stands for Wenlock 'Oxton Old Farts Association  who I first met in the Market Porter a couple of years ago, and recently ran into some of them at Brodies on the brilliant birthday festival weekend.  The boys certainly don't look as old as they must be and are big champions of my cause! Great Heck's Super Dave was the star of the show here, and am gutted to have missed Brodie's Deep Fried Mars Bar!

For our second festival of the day, we made our way back down south to Hoopers in East Dulwich for their Champions' Beer Festival. After the usual warm wecome from landlord Jamie (pictured, in a shot from a good while ago!), we were tackling a fine batch of award winning ales, think my festival favourite was Prospect's Nutty Slack (I do love a nutty one), closely followed by Cairngorm's Black Gold ( more Scottish ale!) An strange array of talented guitarists, chats with some fellow SE London CAMRA members, and ladies with green hair entertained us and kept us there until almost midnight.

Both fine festivals in lovely pubs, not bad for a first day back on ale, and following it up today with a London Bridge/ Borough crawl. Won't be having another break soon, if I can help it!

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  1. I had the Super Dave there too, was brilliant! Also loved the 'Battered Haggis', watch out for that everyone.