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Monday 19 October 2009

The Home Strait, brought to you by Kaliber.

My antibiotic driven abstinence has been tested and taunted this weekend, whilst galavanting around Kent during a visit to the parents'. Ambling around Hever was lovely, but would have been lovelier if followed up with a cute mini bottle from the Meantime range they had in the cafe!
This was then topped by a trip to worthy Good Beer Guide new entry The Royal Oak in Tunbridge Wells (no free jelly beans this time) where the boys had Dark Star's Over The Moon. I wish I hadn't sipped it, as going back to Soda and Lime instead was mighty tricky. Rich, dark, malty, a perfect Autumn ale from those amicable Ansty folk (We had an amazing day at Dark Star's brewery in the summer, by the way, I recommend it).
Sunday took us to an apple festival (Brogdale Farm) and 14 ciders that were out of bounds. According to the boys, the two by Double Vision were the best to go for, and bro got me a 2 pint take away for when the drugs are finished with (bring on Friday!) But, cider or not, the festival was well worth the visit, as, unbeknownst to us, playing away in the band tent, was the mighty talent of my long lost little brother Adrian Benn! What a dude, even if he did use me as his cider minder as he knew I wasn't able to sneak any sips. We aso ran into Mike and Lorraine from SE London CAMRA, and just as I thought I could'nt feel any more schmoozy, we spotted a moody looking Suggs well we did approach him when he had his mouth full)
Anyway, am on the home straight, have got bottled beers cooling ready for the weekend (may be tempted by one on Thursday, in fact- drugs permitting), and a mammoth ale weekender planned- pub festivals at the Wenlock Arms and Hoopers on Saturday, and perhaps a Borough/ London Bridge crawl on Sunday... will let you know. Until then, I'm drinking Kaliber.

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  1. How good Dark Star are! 'Winter Meltdown' is also available from this month, but haven't seen it anywere yet. Bree Louise last night had it on their list of soons, can't wait for to try it somewhere!